Online Or Offline?

If we are talking about psychotherapy, each has its advantages and disadvantages. But both can be effective if they are the right fit for your needs.

On one hand, when you visit a therapist it’s not just to process your emotions. Although that is a big part of the therapeutic experience, it’s also about learning new communication skills.

On the other hand, biggest advantage of online therapy is accessibility. Chatting with a therapist online could also be less stressful for young people when engaging with the therapeutic process.

Rostyslav Shemechko’s services are available online and offline.

All that is required for online sessions:

❇️ Zoom or other online platforms for your convenience.
❇️ A reliable internet connection.
❇️ A microphone.
❇️ A webcam or mobile camera.
❇️ Headphones.
❇️ A comfortable chair.
❇️ A private space where you will remain uninterrupted.

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