Overcoming PTSD. Can I Choose The Shorter Way?

After a traumatic event, almost everyone experiences at least some of the symptoms of PTSD. Feeling unbalanced, disconnected, fearful, or having bad dreams are normal reactions to abnormal events.

There are a few ways to overcome it. For example, progressive muscle relaxation or mindfulness, you can practice by yourself. However, the psychotherapist can make your recovery process easier by helping you to create your own plan and to provide you with some tools that can make your way to overcome your problem shorter.

One of these ways is EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). Psychotherapy enables people to heal the symptoms and emotional distress that are the results of disturbing life experiences, psychological trauma, and PTSD.

EMDR aims to reduce subjective distress and strengthen adaptive beliefs related to the traumatic event. It does involve:

  • detailed descriptions of the event;
  • direct challenging of beliefs;
  • extended exposure;
  • homework.

So, it can help you to speed up the recovery process.

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